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FictionJunction YUUKA - "circus" [2nd album]

Most of you probably already heard their first album called "Destination" and this year on 04.07 the second album titled "circus" is suppose to come out!

Oh well... more than 5 new songs in last few months makes it reasonable^^ and the fact thy are getting more and more popular everyday even more. anyway there will be double release as it was for the first albums; normal and DVD limited.

Aditional info:

FictionJunction YUUKA: “circus”
[ CDA | VICL-62426 | ¥3,045 | 2007.07.04 ]
[ CD+DVD | VIZL-235 | ¥3,570 | 2007.07.04 ]

CD (expected tracks):
◆「焔の扉」(「機動戦士ガンダムSEED DESTINY」挿入歌)
◆「angel gate」(ミュージカル「ANGEL GATE」テーマ曲)

The DVD is suppose to have PVs for Silly-Go-Round, Kouya Ruten, and romanesque.

Can't say "I can't wait to have it" as i got a bit tired of FJY (though people like to say that FJY is Kajiura-sensei's See-Saw now), but i still want to hear the songs as soon as possible^^

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