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Kara no Kyoukai Chapter 1

Who else has seen this amazing show, which is Kajiura's latest project? I watched it the other night and was fully impressed, but when I extracted the OST found it was quite unusual. First of all, the CD is released alongside the limited edition of the DVD, and contains all the music/sound effects featured in the first chapter of this series only. Also, none of the 18 tracks have titles, they are just called M01, M02, M03a+b, etc. I was a bit curious about it, so I checked Kajiura's blog, and thankfully she wrote a long, detailed explanation of the release. <3

Because I have some time, and am a hopeless Kajiura fan, here's a rough translation of some of what she wrote.

( "It includes everything, even short sound effect pieces which I'm not sure you can call Music..." )
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