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Online Sheet Music?

Hello! Just found this community today. I'm in my first semester of piano lessons and I was listening to Yuki on the way to class today. Vanity is one of my favorite songs, and when it came on I started trying to sound out the notes for the piano part in my head. When I got to class, I spent most of our workshop/study time trying to figure out and write down the notes, but my skills with sheet music are not very good yet.

I ended up wasting a lot of time on a very basic few bars that did the original melody no justice at all.

So... I was wondering if anyone knew where I could download decent sheet music for this piece?

I will be looking to buy a book of her sheet music as soon as I get paid; the artist is more then due that respect, I just want something to temporarily play with. 


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I don't know if it has Vanity there, because I haven't gone through them all yet. I do adore Yuki-sama's Vanity.

i believe has a good link to d'l a bunch of kajiura yuki's piano scores ;) (and if you're interested, there's also a link to hisaishi joe's stuff too ;))

i also wanna find a few specific songs from her that i cant find though =( *sigh* would you mind giving me a headsup if you find either 'fairytale' or 'dream scape' please?

happie hunting XD
,,,,, annnnnd i realise... i'm over a year late in posting this HA. HA. HA. OTL